Mom Captures Touching Interaction Between Toddler And Infant Sister While Watching Ms. Rachel

A little girl holds her baby sister while watching "Ms. Rachel."

One mom caught her toddler doing the sweetest thing for her baby sister while the two were watching popular children’s show “Ms. Rachel.” As the smaller child looked up to her big sibling, the older girl noticed that the infant had lost her pacifier. So, she picked up the teething toy and gently placed it back into her sister’s mouth. The toddler also planted an adorably affectionate kiss on the baby’s cheek!

TikToker Kyla Sherer was so proud to see her little girl taking such good care of her younger sister. She was so glad that she decided to film the two of them as they watched “Ms. Rachel” together. What a rare and special moment she caught on camera! Commenters were delighted by the sweet toddler’s response to her baby sister losing her pacifier. Even Ms. Rachel herself replied to the adorable video on TikTok!

“So precious!” she wrote. “I love my sister so much, too!”

Kyla was thrilled to read Ms. Rachel’s comment.

“My daughter has learned so much from you!!” she responded to the children’s entertainer.

A little girl holds her baby sister while watching "Ms. Rachel."
Screengrab from TikTok

Of course, it sounds like the toddler has been learning from Mom, too! One user pointed out that children often copy their parents’ behavior.

“The sweetest part about this video is that they’re mirroring what they see you do,” they wrote.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if this little girl picked up her caring attitude from Ms. Rachel or from her mother. Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both! Either way, she’s certainly growing into an amazing big sibling.

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