It’s Great Pumpkin Carvings, Charlie Brown! 15 Jack O’ Lanterns Squashing Halloween.

Two pumpkins carved with witch and skeleton designs

The holidays are an excellent time to put creative skills to good use!

Between selecting the perfect costume and telling spooky ghost stories, Halloween offers plenty of opportunities to let the imagination run wild. Carving the annual jack o’ lantern allows artists of all skill levels to turn an average gourd into a true work of art. Here are some beautifully creative pumpkin carvings to give you inspiration when it’s time to carve!

1. Those smaller, lesser jack o’ lanterns didn’t stand a chance.

2. This adorable pumpkin family give us serious “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibes.

3. The “this is fine” meme has never looked better… or more realistic!

4. What a clever way to redirect trick or treaters to your neighbor’s house!

5. It’s hard to believe this intricate graveyard carving started off as a pumpkin.

6. More proof that you don’t have to be an artist to create a perfectly charming pumpkin.

7. A two pumpkin design? Why didn’t we think of that?

8. Now that’s scary!

9. Okay, now you’re just showing off!

10. The pumpkins at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s annual Night of 1,000 Jack o’ Lanterns never fail to disappoint.

14. See what we mean?

12. The man who carved this pumpkin is a surgeon by day, pumpkin carver extraordinaire by night.

13. This angler fish is incredibly realistic.

15. How many degrees of pumpkin interception do you see?

Boy, do we need to up our pumpkin-carving game this year! Who else is ready to carve to impress this year?

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