15 Times People Took Pumpkin Carving To A Whole New Level

pumpkin carved like man eating plant next to pumpkin with astronaut carved in

With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to grab a pumpkin and some utensils and let your imagination go wild!

If you’re having trouble getting creative, you’ve come to the right place! Clever pumpkin carvings from all across the world can be found online, and they’re a great source of inspiration, especially the ones that were created from thinking outside of the box. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below for you to enjoy. Don’t worry, they’re not too spooky!

1. We’re not sure how Sophie feels about her pumpkin counterpart.

2. The skeleton arms were the perfect touch.

3. Truly the scariest decoration of them all.

4. Carving isn’t the only way to decorate a pumpkin. You can create all sorts of artistic masterpieces with paint, too!

5. The purple smoke is such a beautiful addition!

6. “My aunt had a pumpkin contest at work. Safe to say she won.”

7. Have you met Captain Jack-O’-Lantern?

8. We’re going to need a detailed step-by-step video for this one!

9. Something tells us he’d pick trick over treat.

10. Brb, we’re going to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” now.

pumpkin carved to look like a scene from the movie the nightmare before christmas in the light

11. As Edna Mode from “The Incredibles” would say… “Simple, elegant, yet bold.”

12. The only thing cuter than a tiny pumpkin is an even tinier pumpkin inside that pumpkin!

13. “My wife won her office pumpkin decorating contest after 5 years of disappointment.”

14. “I just finished my pumpkin carving. ‘The Mad Titan, Thanos.'”

15. “I work in an animation studio with some of the best artists I’ve ever met and this is the pumpkin that won our carving contest yesterday.”

Feeling creative yet? We sure are! There really are endless possibilities when it comes to carving (or painting) a pumpkin – that’s probably why it’s still such a popular Halloween activity! Whether you’re up for intricately carving a pumpkin for hours or simply want to draw on one with a marker, all that matters is having fun.

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