Always Make The Biggest Investment In Your Soul.

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I will always put myself first and I don’t feel guilty about it.

We live in a fast-paced world. Often, we associate success with money and career goals. We play it safe because life is hard and coupled with unpredictable roads. Financial advisers will preach until the end of time about finding the best Return of Investment (ROI) for your money.  Money. Money. Money. The greatest evil of all time, oh but we love it so much.

You can have copious amounts of it and still not be happy. Jim Carey once said that he wished everyone could be rich and famous so they learn that these things are not the answer to a happy life.

While Jim Carey utters pragmatic advice that I adore, he’s not the only one with an opinion.

This world is a noisy place. Everyone seems to stand here equipped with the directions to life these days and, well, they’re not always as sound as Carey’s. Everyone seems to have an opinion about how to “win” at the game of life. But I suggest you throw that advice away because they know nothing about YOU. I know nothing about you, either. You could even disregard my words if you want. But, they just might show you how much you matter. I aim to stray from the norm. I aim to follow what’s inside of me. You should aim to follow what’s inside you, too.

Because no one knows you, I mean really knows you. And everyone and their mother has something to say.

The practical want you to save every penny and the fearful may influence you to never live and that is just downright scary.

You may find yourself in an invisible prison that way. You may find yourself saving every penny and never living on the edge, always running in mundane circles. Eat the donuts, buy the purse, go on the trip, etc. Do those, yes. But go deeper: take the mental health day, break up with the negative friend, explore and find your passion, live your passion even if you die trying to be successful at it, and simply seek what you need.

Shift gears, friends. Safety never thrilled anyone. Find the best ROI on your soul.

You can’t develop wrinkles from a life lived under your beautiful eyes if you never actually live.

I can guarantee you that while you’re reminiscing on your deathbed, you will not be smiling back at all the hours of overtime you worked. Work hard, of course. But, live harder. I can further guarantee you that as nostalgia greets you one last time during your final days, you will not thank yourself for dodging every arrow Cupid jabbed dead center in your heart. Instead, you will see a brave person who lived a varied life and became tough as nails because of it. You will see that you put your soul before anything else because you listened to it, and invested in it and not the noise of the world. 

What if we executed every dream we ever dreamt? What if we tuned out the gibberish of the world and sought advice from only our gut? What if fear wasn’t real?

We would soar. We may not always succeed, but success and soaring are not the same. At least not to me. 

Soaring means that we get up every time success turns its back on us. Soaring means that we don’t need success. We want success, of course, but when we are soaring, we know that we will always take flight and trudge on despite our losses.

Soaring allows anything, good or bad, to come our way, because we will never be held down for too long. Our wings will always spread and fly high because we need to keep on and keep fighting for our own happiness.

Investing in your soul can take many forms.  Here’s a deeper example of investing in your soul from my experience.

For the past few years, an ex who made an impact on me was in the back of my mind. I needed to say things to him but we ended on a sour note, and for years, I was hesitant to contact him. That noise of the world I speak of blared into my ears until I no longer allowed it to. “Friends” would tell me he’s an ex for a reason. People would say to leave him alone. But, I felt incomplete without saying what I needed to say.

I needed to thank him for helping shape a piece of my character and then some.

The hole that needed to be filled inside me was bigger than doing what the world thought was best.

Not too long before my 31st birthday, I typed the email that gave me closure and I found the courage to click send.

I’m so glad I did. I wasn’t expecting a response but I did receive one and it warmed my heart and filled the hole. I no longer spend my days wondering if I should send the message. I no longer feel the empty part. There are no words left unsaid.

I feel even more whole now. Why? Because I invested in what MY soul needed and you should always do the same, too.

I promise you won’t regret it.

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