Man Makes Incredible Discovery When He Cracked The Ice On A Frozen Lake, Wait for 0:45!

The Volda region of Norway sits just below the arctic circle and experiences some of the coldest winter months on earth. It’s long winter causes most bodies of water to freeze until spring comes again. Norwegian Native Rune Pettersen discovered something amazing when walking on one of these frozen lakes in the dead of winter.


As lakes in this part of the world begin to freeze and ice over, methane becomes trapped under the surface. The gas is produced as bacteria metabolize decaying matter on the lake floor and is released as waste and begins to build up- trapped under the ice.

If the surface of the ice is broken and ignited with a match, the flammable gas is released into the atmosphere in a glorious song of fire and ice. The flames were so intense that Pettersen was even able to make his morning coffee over the inferno.

Nature is absolutely amazing! Watch below and then go outside and discover today.

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