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“I May Never Recover From This Score At Goodwill”

A woman covering her mouth with her hand during an emotional moment.

It’s pretty extraordinary to find a first edition copy of your favorite book signed by the author, but it’s even more unexpected to find this priceless item at Goodwill. Imagine Jamie Clark’s surprise when she opened The Notebook at one of these stores to find Nicholas Sparks’s autograph inside! Well, actually, you don’t have to imagine. She shared her incredible find with her followers on social media!

Jamie was in tears as she filmed herself opening up the rare copy of her favorite book, which was priced at only two dollars. She quickly bought it and took it home, where she revealed a hilarious coincidence. While Jamie had managed to snag this signed book at Goodwill, her husband had spent hundreds of dollars to buy her the same edition for their anniversary two years prior!


I may never recover from this score at Goodwill. 😭 #booklover #goodwillfinds #fyp #booktok

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Just to be sure, the woman compared the signatures in the two novels. Sure enough, the book she purchased at Goodwill was signed exactly the same way as the one her husband had bought her. Although she was clearly very emotional about her purchase, she knew that some people wouldn’t understand why she’d want two copies of the same book.

“So most people are going to think that I’m crazy,” Jamie said in her video.

A woman covering her mouth with her hand during an emotional moment.
Screengrab from TikTok

However, she explained that The Notebook wasn’t just any novel to her. It was one of her favorite books of all time. Since she’s a writer herself, she also appreciates the story from a creative standpoint. All in all, randomly finding another signed edition of this book at Goodwill was a very joyful experience for her.

“I may never recover from this score at Goodwill,” she wrote in the caption of her video.

What an incredible find! We’re so glad that this book found someone who would truly treasure it.

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