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Wholesome: Boyfriend Accidentally Gets Roped Into New Job While Returning From Airplane Bathroom

View of a woman and man who both seem to be flight attendants

This is not how Olivia Power imagined her flight back home would turn out. After a wonderful vacation on the Greek island of Crete, she and her boyfriend were headed back to an airport in London. At some point during this flight, Olivia’s boyfriend briefly got up to use the restroom. At least that was his initial plan. So, at first, nothing out of the ordinary was happening. But that quickly changed when her wholesome boyfriend started to return… with some of the flight attendants.

Dressed in an apron, disposable gloves, and a neck scarf, Olivia’s boyfriend fit in perfectly with the rest of the employees. With their guidance, he walked down the aisle, asking the passengers they passed if they had “any rubbish.” Needless to say, Olivia had many, many questions in that moment.

@oliviapowerxxx @TUI UK & Ireland might have a new staff member by next week. We’ll take free flights as payment pls 👀🤣 #fyp #tui ♬ original sound – Olivia Power x x x

Turns out, Olivia’s boyfriend hadn’t gone to the restroom just yet. He was waiting outside for it to become available when nearby flight attendants jokingly asked, “You don’t want to do the rubbish, do you?” But despite being a joke, he chose to actually help them out, something that absolutely floored and delighted the attendants and Olivia alike!

Wholesome Boyfriend Becomes a Temporary Flight Attendant While Waiting on the Restroom

“I love the look the flight attendant gives you,” someone in the comments says to Olivia, with another adding, “Social anxiety is scared of him.”

There really is so much to love about this entire situation. One of the best, though, has to do with what Olivia says is her boyfriend’s actual job. I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.

“He actually does waste removal as his job,” Olivia shares, “so it was really weird that they [the flight staff] asked him to do it.”

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