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Husky’s “Destructive” Behavior Ends Up Saving The Lives Of The Entire Neighborhood!

Kobe the husky is known for how he saved his neighborhood.

Digging holes in the yard isn’t usually something pet owners encourage, but when your husky saves the entire neighborhood, you make an exception! Chanell Bell was confused when her dog, Kobe, started excavating the front lawn last December. However, it soon became clear that the pooch wasn’t playing around — he was trying to show her something important. Sure enough, Chanell discovered a gas leak that could have had disastrous consequences!

This proud dog mom explained on Instagram (be aware of NSFW language in the video) how Kobe the husky saved everyone in the neighborhood by alerting her to the problem. Chanell had already experienced a gas leak in her home earlier that month, so when the canine began acting strangely around the same time she was having trouble with her heater, she wondered if there was a correlation. Although her gas level reader seemed to show that everything in the house was fine, she decided to check the area where Kobe had been digging the hole. It turns out that’s where the leak was.

A husky digs a hole to alert his owner to a gas leak.
Screengrab from YouTube

A work crew arrived to fix the issue, and that’s when Chanell found out how serious the situation really was. They told her that, at any moment, her entire house could have exploded from the slightest spark. Without even knowing it, she’d been taking a huge risk just by using the light switches in her home! She’s so grateful that Kobe the husky not only discovered the gas leak, but found a way to alert her.

Kobe the husky is known for how he saved his neighborhood.
Screengrab from YouTube

Apparently, there could have been additional consequences if the leak persisted, according to People.

“We were told it could’ve caused serious health effects like respiratory issues, brain damage, and even death,” Chanell said (via SWNS).

This husky is now famous for saving his neighborhood.

Kobe the husky is receiving his fair share of accolades for saving the neighborhood, according to 6ABC Philadelphia. Chanell was so proud of her vigilant pooch that she didn’t stop at sharing his story on social media. She also wrote a children’s book about the clever canine! It’s called The Dog That Saved The Block Before Christmas, and it’s available on Amazon.

Dogs can be truly incredible sometimes, can’t they? Take a moment today to appreciate your pets if you have any, they might just save your life one day!

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