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Hero Rescue Dog Leaps Through Shattered Window To Chase Off Intruder.

Rescue dog hero hurt his leg jumping through a window to scare off an intruder.

There is a big push to adopt rescue dogs, and that paid off big for one couple. The Dalbo Dog account on X (Twitter) posted a fantastic story about two people, a rescue dog turned hero, and an unsuccessful intruder. The story begins, “Our adopted mutt protected us from an intruder last night, is having minor surgery today.”

The couple was in bed. They heard a window shatter. Before they could react, their rescue dog jumped from the bed and through the broken window. The intruder made a wise choice and ran, with the dog in hot pursuit. The couple believes that the intruder was able to escape by jumping over the fence to exit their yard. The dog returned to the house, but was injured.

shattered window
Image from Pexels.

The couple noticed their dog bleeding from a severe gash on the back of his leg. They spent the remainder of the night changing dressings and trying to control the bleeding. They knew their dog needed stitches. Living several hours from the nearest emergency vet, they kept their pet calm and waited until the local vet office opened. His bandaged leg is shown below. He sure is calm for a rescue dog hero!

dog sitting with one front leg bandaged
Image from X (Twitter).

After arriving at the local vet, the dog would need sedation to get stitches in his leg. The post finished with, “He was just a shelter dog, and we don’t even know what kind of dog he is, but he’s our best friend and protector. Adopt a dog, he might save your life!”

Wishing Only The Best For This Rescue Dog Hero

We were unable to find any follow-up information for this post. We hope that the minor surgical procedure went off successfully. The dog will undoubtedly have to wear a cone of shame for a day or two, but he should feel no shame for being a hero!

dog wearing cone around neck aka cone of shame
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

You can check out other rescue dog stories on InspireMore. Not all rescue dogs are ready for human touch immediately. Bernard was abused as a pup and needed to learn to love again. Another rescue dog, Kratu, has a mind of his own. He decided that obstacles were in the wrong order at the Crufts Dog Show’s “Rescue Dog Agility” course. If you are considering adopting a rescue dog, visit the shelter and meet your new mate. You know you want to.

You can read the entire story about the rescue dog hero below. Please share this with your friends.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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