Great Dane Can’t Handle Tiny Goose, Hilarious Freak-Out Has Mom Cracking Up.

Great Danes are some of the largest dogs out there. They were bred for size and strength to be used for hunting bear, boar, and deer.

With the passage of time, their great size has remained, but it seems their fearsome instincts have been… well, dulled. Nowadays, Great Danes are more known as “gentle giants” and are oftentimes affectionally referred to as “the world’s biggest lapdogs.”

Watching the video below — of a Great Dane named Hugo meeting a pint-sized gosling — it’s hard to believe this sweet-natured breed was once known as Boar Hounds.

Hugo’s family first introduced the baby goose to him in a bucket. He’s curious but cautious.


He’s clearly confused about what’s making all the ruckus.

When mom pulls a feathery little creature out, he’s even more interested!


…Still wary, though.


We never totally see Hugo warm up to the gosling (and it may take a while after he gets a warning peck on the nose), but the interaction is just too cute not to share!


Watch the adorable video in full below, and share to spread a smile today!

Great Dane Meets Duck

How Great Dane meets Gosling for the first time… 💓Credit: JukinVideo

Posted by NTD Life on Sunday, October 22, 2017

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