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Spoiled Great Dane Can’t Handle Being Ignored, His Tantrum Had Mom And Dad Cracking Up!

You may remember Dinky the Great Dane. A few months ago, a video of Dinky and his dad went viral after Dinky threw quite the tantrum watching his brother Romeo get some scratches instead of him. Well, Dinky is at it again… this time insisting that he deserves a bite of dad’s sandwich. The interchange is seriously adorable to watch.

Dinky really sounds more like a bear than a Dane, as he emits a mixture between a whine, a growl, and a roar, from the couch while his brother, Romeo, patiently waits for a snack. But Dad insists he wait his turn or at least say “I love you” before giving up the goods.

Great Danes are known to be dog that are “lovable, bumbling giants generally causing mayhem,”according to Rover. Well if that’s the case, then Dinky fits right in with the stereotype… Loving, bumbling, and SPOILED!

Dinky and dad, have the most hilarious argument while the other two pups wait patiently for their turn to sample the goods. Dinky may be spoiled rotten, but he sure is cute!

Dinky’s dad, who regularly uploads videos of Dinky to YouTube, titled the video below “Listen Linda!”Wait till you see what he means.

Check out the adorable video below and share to spread some smiles.


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