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InspireMore Creator Network

How To Join, Write & Spread Positivity On The InspireMore Creator Network!

Community Policies

InspireMore’s goal is to brighten the world and spread hope by building a vibrant brand and community that people turn to daily for inspiration. The world can be a dark place and our passion is finding those pockets of light and bringing them out into the open, showcasing them so people know that there is good in the world.

Because of this, we have a few rules that our InspireMore Creator Network members should know and follow to ensure that our site remains positive, uplifting, and filled with love.

Graphic Content / Profanity

InspireMore makes it a policy to not cover stories with graphic content or profanity. However, if there is a story that is determined to be worthy of coverage, the editorial team will provide a warning before the content that allows readers to exit out off the page. If profanity appears in quotes it is either replaced with a less offensive word in brackets or taken out with a colored line or blur.


Copying another person’s work to be passed off as your own material is not tolerated. You may quote sources and link back to the original article, or ask for permission to use other people’s work, but if any plagiarism is found or claims of plagiarism are made, we will launch an immediate internal review of the story in question.


InspireMore has no political affiliations and avoids in all its forms the appearance of bias.

We never want to put anyone down, slander another person, or shame anyone. Keep it inspiring.

Bottom line: We aim to uplift and unite, not exclude, divide, or depress. Because of this, we do not share stories that create controversy, are divisive or click-baity. We want to remain neutral on topics that could alienate people with viewpoints not expressed in the article. We reserve the right to remove articles published on InspireMore.

Well, that’s it! Now, you’re prepared to tell your story on the InspireMore Creator Network. We can’t wait to read yours. If you haven’t already, register here!

Together, we can brighten the world, one story at a time!

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