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How Lainey Wilson’s “Papaw” Jump-Started The Country Star’s Rise To Stardom

Image shows country music star Lainey Wilson singing at the ACM Awards.

Country music star Lainey Wilson was rejected seven times by “American Idol” judges and by “The Voice” judges. She almost quit in a world that told her she wasn’t ready. But one person in her corner told her to move to Nashville and keep hard-charging toward the stage. During an interview for a new documentary, Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country, Lainey opened up to ABC News correspondent Robin Roberts.

Let’s backtrack a bit. Lainey Wilson has been writing songs and singing since she was nine. In her early days, she impersonated Hannah Montana for children’s parties. Baskin, Louisiana, wasn’t exactly a hotspot for country music. She needed to be in Nashville. On the edge about making such a big move, Lainey revealed that a vivid dream helped her decide to pack up and do it.

After praying for a sign, specifically “a vivid sign,” Lainey had a dream of her Papaw (her grandfather on her father’s side). In the dream, he told her, “Lainey, you’ve got to listen to me. You’re supposed to be in Nashville.” That was in 2011, and the star has not stopped shining since. It took her a decade to hit it big, but now Lainey Wilson makes us all smile.

But that isn’t the only thing her Papaw did to help. Back in the 1970s, he helped another Baskin native, Jerry Cupit. Lainey’s Papaw gave Jerry a few hundred dollars to help him move from Baskin to Nashville. When Lainey made her move, Jerry took her under his wing and became an influential mentor. Some people might call that Karma.

If you haven’t heard Lainey Wilson sing, look her up. Please share with your friends who may need to believe in their own dreams.

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