Woman Goes Off On Hilarious Rant After “Hot” Cop Pulls Her Over.

hot cop

It isn’t easy being a cop (the understatement of the year).

They put themselves in harm’s way each and every day, working to protect their communities. What’s more, our men and women in blue rarely get the appreciation they deserve from the people they’re trying to keep safe. Comedian Jennifer Jermany wanted to change that when she was recently pulled over by a policeman.


Her friend Brandy Adams, another comedian, caught the whole hilarious encounter on camera.

After going through the standard questioning, it would appear that Jennifer decided to get out of her car and thank the cop for being so respectful… oh, and for being especially handsome.


“You are the hottest cop I’ve ever been pulled over by… and you were so respectful and so nice. You came over, you communicated what you needed — and then you were hot. See if the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn’t have violence anymore, ‘cos all you would do is what you did, just walk over and say ‘Hey, let me see your driver’s license and ID,’ and do that smile right there…”


“Sir, you could bring peace to the Middle East. And I just want you to know, as I thoroughly watch you walk to your car and back, I just want you to know, I could tell you work out and I’m glad. I appreciate God helps you to work out and he did a great job on you.”


The cop timidly says, “Well I appreciate that. It was very nice meeting you.”

While she went about thanking him a bit of an unorthodox manner, we’re sure that it brightened Officer Scott Schrieffer’s day. Apparently, the women also contacted the cop’s wife to congratulate her on the catch!

Watch the video of this hilarious exchange below and share if you agree that more hot cops could do some serious good!

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