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Hilarious Conveyor Belt Of Golden Retrievers Stream Down Escalator Carried By Their Doting Dads

golden retrievers

Shoppers at a mall in Brazil got some unexpected laughs and smiles when they watched a parade of golden retrievers descend an escalator in the loving arms of their owners.

The Passo Fundo shopping mall was holding a golden retriever day to celebrate the adorable breed. And the meeting was on the ground floor. But according to Inside Edition, dogs weren’t allowed to ride the escalator for obvious safety reasons. So, the owners lined up one by one and carried their giant furry friends. The sight was a welcome surprise for everyone around.

In a video, the golden retrievers seemed to come down an endless conveyor belt. The blonde doggos calmly rode the escalator and appeared to enjoy the adventure. The owners smiled proudly as they showed their pets off to the camera.

“This is heaven,” a star-struck commenter gushed. “I want to pet them all.”

“Such beautiful & adorable pooches!” wrote another. “I dare anybody to watch all these proud fur-baby fathers coming down that escalator carrying their gorgeous, large & pampered pooches & not smile! Pure joy!”

Golden Retrivers Are Celebrated Around the World

The golden retriever party was one of many that take place all around the globe throughout the year. The breed is considered the favorite in many countries, including the United States, and their owners are always looking for a reason to celebrate them.

Last summer, dog parents from all over the world gathered for an epic event at the Guisachan House in the Scottish Highlands for the breed’s 155th anniversary. Hundreds of golden retrievers gathered in front of the crumbling historic mansion to bark and romp around.

The United States also has a few annual events for the dogs, including the famed Goldens in Golden where thousands meet in the Colorado town to meet other doting Golden Retriever owners.

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