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kratu at crufts agility

Rescue Dog Does His Own Thing During Agility Course Run.

Baron Kratu von Bearbum is a certified service dog, a Canine Good Citizen, and an ambassador for the animal rescue movement in the U.K., advocating for mixed breeds.

He sounds like a pretty serious pup, right? Apparently, it’s only on paper. In real life, the Romanian Mioritic-Carpathian sheepdog mix prefers his less intimidating name, Kratu. No matter how many awards and certificates this four-year-old pooch has hanging on his walls, he’s just a big goober at heart…

And his silly antics were on full display during his run at the Crufts Dog Show’s “Rescue Dog Agility” course last week.


Kratu was four months old when he was rescued from an abusive home back in 2014. A few months later, he was adopted by Tessa Eagle Swan, who had been recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

He’s “the first face I see in the morning. He’s so happy, he’s full of love, he brings great joy to many people who meet him,” she said. “He’s a great character, full of life.”

A “great character” is something of an understatement, but he sure did make everyone laugh during his exhibition run just days ago.


He’d obviously been through the routine before, but when it came to show off his skills in front of a big audience, he completely bombed it.

Instead of following his handler along the designated course, he just kind of went his own way.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta break out of the mold. You know, stop and smell the flowers, go say hi to the fans…

“Pole-weaving? Nahhh.”


Whether he cracked under the prestigious event’s pressure or decided he just could not, the coup de grace came 49 seconds in, when he entered the L-shaped tunnel.


You’d expect him to pop out the other side, right?

Not Kratu. Instead, he pulls an invisible U-turn, emerging from the same hole he ducked into with a big, “Gotcha!” grin.


This pup is too much! His hilariously disastrous performance is similar to one last year when a little Jack Russell won millions of hearts with his own failed obstacle course run.

When you have a name like Baron Kratu von Bearbum, chances are you’re not always going to live up to it. But at least in Kratu’s case, he made people laugh, and that’s what really counts here!

Watch his adorable fail in the video below, and share to spread some laughs.

Krazy Kratu Kreates his own Kourse

How did he turn around in that?! 😳😳Kratu makes his own way round the agility course at Crufts 2018

Posted by Crufts on Friday, March 9, 2018

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