Owner Of 2 Blind Cats Answers The Age-Old Question… How Can You Tell When They’re Asleep?

Two blind cats stand next to each other

Have you ever wondered how to tell if blind cats are sleeping? A recent video offers a heartwarming glimpse into the world of two eyeless felines, solving this unique mystery. The secret, it turns out, is all in their body language.

When awake, these blind cats are alert, their ears perk up, responding to every sound. Tails twitch with curiosity, and their bodies hold a readiness to spring into action. Without sight, their other senses take the lead.

how to tell when blind cats are asleep

In contrast, sleep brings a profound stillness. When blind cats are asleep, their tails lie motionless, and the usual alertness gives way to serene tranquility. In these quiet moments, the cats’ peaceful demeanor is a sight to behold — a true testament to the adaptability and resilience of our feline friends.

This endearing video is both a lesson in cat behavior and a reminder of the extraordinary ways animals adapt to their world. Their lives, though different from ours, are full of depth and understanding.

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