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Hero Cat Saves Small Dog’s Life During Coyote Attack.

binx the cat rushing to save dog from coyotes

When you get a new pet, you never know for sure what they’ll end up being like. I can only imagine that when Lane Dryer and his family took in a 2-month-old cat that roamed their neighborhood, they never imagined she’d go on to save one of their dogs. But that’s exactly what happened recently! Binx is older now, and she couldn’t love her dog brothers more.

Ever since Binx first became a four-legged member of the Dryer family, she’s fit right in. Even the dogs were quick to make her one of their own.

A black cat, Binx, sits outside on a staircase. Her back is toward us but she's looking over her shoulder a bit to where we can see the side of her face.

“When Binx was a baby, the dogs would put her in their mouth and just drag her around and just playing and all this crazy stuff,” Lane says. “So she’s never been intimidated or afraid of any animal. She just owns her domain.”

Still, the bravery Binx showed recently left her family shocked. The harrowing event took place at night in the Dryer’s backyard. They took their dogs out to go to the bathroom when, suddenly, a coyote attacked their 8-pound dog, Oakley.

The moment was captured thanks to a camera in their backyard. In the video, we see a second coyote start to approach. But before it can get close to Oakley, 12-pound Binx rushes onto the dangerous scene.

Small Cat Saves Dog From Coyote Attack

Without hesitation, this tiny yet mighty cat rushes at the coyotes, causing them to scatter and leave. Now bleeding, Oakley manages to rush inside for help.

“They cut her open,” Lane says. “She was gushing blood from her chest and her side.”

A dog, Oakley, lays on blankets after a coyote attack. She is wearing a cone and a splint is on her leg.

The Dryer family rushed sweet Oakley to a hospital, where she got stitched up. Her leg was also put in a splint. At first, doctors weren’t sure if she’d lose the limb but, luckily, she was able to keep all four!

In fact, Oakley is already back to her old self, meaning she’s doing lots of tricks and eating plenty of treats!

Lane Dryer smiles as he holds his dog, Oakley, in his lap. He's sitting on a couch and speaking with local news.

As for the rest of the Dryer family, they couldn’t be more grateful, or inspired, by their brave cat.

“It was inspiring to see our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off,” he shares.

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