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Heartbroken Cat Adopts Human Baby After Losing Her Kittens

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When a rescue cat lost her kittens, her heartbreak nearly ended her life, but a compassionate pet lover gave her a second chance and quickly realized all she needed was to be a mother.

Julia Stuller, who runs the TikTok site Rescuecatmittens, adopted Callie in August 2021. Callie had been put on the euthanasia list at a local shelter because the trauma of losing her babies gave her behavioral issues.

Julia told Newsweek that Callie’s kittens all died shortly after they were born, and Callie immediately became “aggressive and territorial.” She would bite people if they tried touching her, and she was constantly searching for her babies.

When Julia learned why Callie was aggressive, she knew she had to give her a home. So, she adopted her and a kitten and brought them home to her other six cats. She said the new cat was showing slow signs of progress—but she really turned a corner when Julia fell pregnant.

Callie became affectionate with her new owners during the pregnancy—then when Julia brought home her daughter, Emma, the cat instantly fell in love.

“Callie could not stay away from her,” said Julia.

The Rescue Cat “Helped Raise” Her Owner’s Baby

The cat instantly connected with the newborn baby and continued to love and protect her as she grew older. Callie would often spend time in the nursery to watch over the baby. And while Julia didn’t let her sleep with Emma “for safety reasons,” Callie was always part of the bedtime routine.

“She was no longer aggressive,” Julia continued. “And she became such a sweet cat. It was like she thought our daughter was a kitten, so she’d lick her, comfort her, and come to her cries like a mother would.”

Emma will be two in July, and she and her cat are still best friends. Julia recently highlighted their bond on TikTok, and her followers can’t get over the heartwarming bond. The video has earned nearly 2 million views to date.

“She helped me raise my daughter, and I think it brought her closure,” Julia added. “I don’t think she realized her kittens had passed, and she was just confused so it caused her to be aggressive, but she was a grieving mom.”

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