Dad’s Emotional Video Showing Aftermath Of Daughter’s Car Crash Shows A True Miracle

A car is flipped upside down with a guardrail going through the front and rear windshield.

As a parent, there are certain phone calls you hope to never get. This includes those that involve finding out that one of your children was involved in an accident. You can imagine, then, how Kevin Mullins must have felt when he got that exact call from his own daughter, Kenzie. The 17-year-old managed to survive a car crash, but the aftermath was brutal. Dad rushed to her side ASAP.

Before arriving, he already understood that the accident was bad. But it wasn’t until he arrived at the scene that the severity sank in — the car was upside down. Plus, one of the guardrails was sticking through the front windshield. The most shocking part, though, has to be when he reveals his daughter in the aftermath: Kenzie seems to be physically unscathed.


A Tennessee man filmed emotional footage of his daughter's overturned car after a jaw-dropping crash. She miraculously walked away with only a few scratches.

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In the video, Kevin reveals that Kenzie couldn’t stop apologizing about the damage done to the car. Meanwhile, this caring dad doesn’t care at all about that — instead, he makes sure Kenzie understands that her being okay is all that matters.

Now that the video is viral, countless folks are taking the time to appreciate what a miracle it is that Kenzie is still alive. They’re also praising Dad for having the right priorities, something that others have experienced with their own parents.

When Young Woman Survives Car Crash, Dad Comes to the Rescue

“I was apologizing to my dad on a stretcher after my car accident,” someone shares in the comments. “I’d never seen that man cry. He said something at the time that breaks my heart now. ‘No I’m sorry I’m sorry that I made you feel that a car means more to me than you. I can replace that [explicit] thing. I can’t replace you.'”

“The fact that he got there before the paramedics,” another points out. “He’s a good dad for sure.”

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