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Dad Captures Hilarious Moment Cat Hides In Plain Sight From Curious Baby

A cat remains perfectly still while a baby stares at them.

Babysitting isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re a cat living with a human baby! In a hilarious Instagram video, one family’s pet went to absurd lengths to avoid interacting with their small child. When this kitty was cornered in the baby’s crib, there was nowhere to hide. So, the cat opted to remain perfectly still in the hopes that the infant wouldn’t notice. Weirdly enough, it worked!

When the baby saw that the cat wasn’t moving, they quickly lost interest and moved along. As soon as the child was gone, the expression on the kitty’s face was too funny. It looked like the animal was recovering from a very narrow escape!

Of course, it seems like the baby’s dad was in the background filming the video, so if the cat had been in any real danger he probably would have intervened! Commenters thought that the kitty’s stealth tactics were pretty relatable.

“As a human adult, I do this too,” one person joked.

Another added, “I don’t blame the cat at all!”

A cat remains perfectly still while a baby stares at them.
Screengrab from Instagram

We’re sure that this baby is a great kid, but sometimes a cat needs their alone time! However, maybe next time this kitty should consider hanging out somewhere other than the child’s crib.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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