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Hairless Cat In A Shower Cap Loves Bath Time So Much She Won’t Get Out

A hairless cat in the bathtub wearing a swim cap.

Someone better tell this hairless kitty that cats don’t like baths, or she’ll never leave the tub! One cat mom posted the most hilarious video of her pet, Kiri, having the best time playing in the water. Wearing a cute shower cap to cover her ears, the feline couldn’t wait to jump into the bathtub. There, she got to enjoy floating toys and delicious treats while Mom washed her.

It was all fun and games until it was time for the cat to get out of the bath. Even though the pet parent insisted that Kiri jump onto the towel she’d laid out, the kitty refused to budge. All she wanted to do was continue playing in the water!

However, Kiri couldn’t ignore her mom’s demands forever. Eventually, the cat had to hop out of the bath so that she could be dried off. Unfortunately, Mom never specified that the kitty had to stay out of the water afterward. When the woman least expected it, the feline jumped right back into the tub — just after she’d gotten her all dry, too!

As the cat sat in the bath, she looked up at her owner defiantly, as if to say, “What are you going to do about it?” Mom posted a silly video of her kitty’s rebellious streak on social media. Users thought the clip was too funny! Many couldn’t get over how adorable Kiri looked in her little swim cap.

Is this cat cute or what?

A hairless cat in the bathtub wearing a swim cap.
Screengrab from TikTok

“I love her bonnet so much,” one user wrote.

“Legends say Kiri still sits in the bathtub,” another joked.

A third commenter had a very important question for this pet owner.

“Does she know when her bath bonnet goes on that it’s bathtime?” they asked.

Mom replied, “Yes.”

Isn’t that sweet? We’re sure plenty of cat owners would love for their four-legged friends to be this excited about taking a bath!

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