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Bear Cub Waves At Woman’s Camera To Greet Her Adoring Fans

Image shows a stock image of a mother Kodiak bear with her cub on a beach

Brooke Bartleson lives an ideal life in the Alaskan Wilderness. She purchased a plot of land that used to be a mine and is making a home for herself. She currently lives there in a Recreational Vehicle (RV). The surrounding environment is a perfect mix of home and work. Brooke is a wildlife photographer who loves bears and all animals in nature. You can see her images on her Instagram page. In the clip below, she shows us a tiny bear cub who seems to be waving at her.

In the post, Brooke explains that the bear cub isn’t really waving; she’s learning to be a big bear. When cubs first learn to raise onto their hind legs, they are unsteady, much like a human toddler. The frantic waving is the cub trying to maintain its balance on two legs. Brooke adds that this little tyke eventually lost her balance and toppled over.

Bear Cubs Must Learn To Be Bears

The short video has more than 5 million likes on Instagram, and we can understand why. The voice on the video gushes with, “Oh, oh my gosh…” As the little bear cub appears to wave, our hearts melt. Watching a bear family up close in your backyard must be amazing. We’re glad that Brooke shares some of her experiences with us. If you want to lose track of time while viewing amazing images and videos, visit her Instagram page.

With the Alaska Region US Fish & Wildlife Service, Peter Pearsall photographed the two cubs below. The bear cubs are play fighting, which is another way they learn to be big bears.

Stock photo of bear cubs play-fighting in an Alaskan field.
Image from Flickr.

In addition to the amazing images, Brooke offers informative captions about many of her images. She talks about watching bear cubs learn to do bear things with their mom. While reading some of the captions, I was amazed at how much bear cubs act just like their human counterparts! If you enjoyed this not-really-waving bear cub, please share.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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