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Meet Marlin, The Cat Who Doesn’t Know He Isn’t Supposed To Like Water.

Although both make amazing furry friends, cats and dogs are infamously known for being opposites in many ways – just don’t tell Marlin that.

When you first take a look at this orange tabby, you may think he’s just an average feline. But upon closer inspection it becomes very clear that Marlin thinks he’s one of the dogs.

Caroline Jarvis is the definition of an animal lover. Before she adopted Marlin, she already had four dogs: Buxton, Hattie, Shady, and Buoy. She loves to capture all of the adventures they, along with her now husband Mack Hopkins, go on.

But being such an active family made them worry that a cat just wouldn’t be able to adjust to their lifestyle. Luckily for them, they managed to find a kitty that was made for this kind of life.

When they first got Marlin, he was just a tiny kitten. He may have been the odd one out, but that didn’t stop him from looking up to his older canine brothers.

“He has watched them [the dogs] since the first day we got him,” Caroline said. “He wanted to do everything that the dogs were doing. From drinking out of their water bowl, to jumping in the truck to go to the beach, swimming in the ocean … He truly does just think he’s a dog.”

Cats tend to keep to themselves, but Marlin loves being around his siblings. He can often be seen taking a nap with them or even helping them dig a hole.

“And every time we turn around he’s hunting one of them or, you know, just ready to attack and jumping all over one of them,” she said. “He’s so funny, and there’s absolutely never a dull moment around here.”

No matter what this fun-loving family is doing, Marlin is more than happy to be along for the ride.

“He truly just thinks he’s one of the pups, and he’s just living a cat’s dream,” Caroline said.

Watch Marlin being one of the dogs in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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