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Mom & Baby Owl Sing Duet Together In Sweet Home Video.

Great horned owls, in general, don’t have a whole lot to say.

Their polar opposites are cockatoos and parrots and other feathered blabbermouths that will gladly launch into a round of “Old McDonald Had A Farm†for no apparent reason, or break out into a flamboyant dance whenever one of their favorite songs comes on. But not so with owls, who remain largely silent other than their trademark “hoo-hoo-hoo.”

owl looking at owner

Fun fact: those “hoo hoo hoos” often have something to do with establishing territory, but owls also hoot as a way of cementing bonds; in this case, the owl is bonding with her owner.

Every time there’s a break in the woman’s soft lullaby, the owl chimes in with an adorable “hoo hoo,” so perfectly timed that you’d think they’ve been rehearsing for weeks.

horned owl duet

About halfway through the song, she steps off her perch on the windowsill and walks toward her owner’s outstretched hand, continuing to hoot even as she gives her fingers little love nibbles.

owl love bite

This clip really captures a sweet moment in time, so be sure to watch it down below.

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