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Reporter Asks Parrots A Simple Question, Their Viral Response Has Her Cracking Up.

Forget ‘polly want a cracker?’ During an interview on Fox 32 Chicago, two parrots were asked a question and decided to break into full song. It is quite simply the best thing we’ve ever seen. After being asked their names and warming up a little bit, the interview asked them to sing about the farm. They immediately went off into a rendition of Old Macdonald Had A Farm that will have you cracking up.

When parrots are kept as pets, they learn their calls from their adoptive human social partners. Part of their appeal as pets is their ability to sing lower notes than smaller birds and so better reproduce human voices. Unfortunately, there are so many parrots kept as pets that populations are on the decline in the wild. The duo in this video are cared for wonderfully by the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

Parrots aren’t the only birds known that learn to imitate people and other species of birds. Indian mynah birds are famous for their imitative capabilities, and in the U.S., northern mockingbirds sing repeated phrases with bits of calls appropriated from blue jays, robins, cardinals and other birds.

Isn’t nature just incredible?

The one minute video below will leave you absolutely awestruck and laughing at the adorable antics of these two birds.

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YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS TO BELIEVE ITThese girls sang their way through my live shot — and became the stars of the morning show.Amazing.

Posted by Jake Hamilton Fox 32 Chicago on Friday, June 3, 2016

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