Grandkids Steal Things From Grandma’s House For Silly Christmas Prank.

Grandma looks confused over the Christmas prank her grandkids pulled. She sits on a chair, mouth open. Text on the screen reads "absolutely no idea yet"

Each and every grandparent is unique in their own ways, but a common factor is how much they adore when their grandkids visit. There doesn’t need to be a particular reason for dropping by, they just enjoy being with their family. For the 16 grandkids in the video below, their visits to grandma’s this year were… strange, to say the least. Whenever they could, they’d steal something from her home.

Okay, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Over the course of the last year, these sneaky grandkids were preparing for a Christmas prank to play on Grandma. The goal? To include the belongings they stole from her in their game of White Elephant.

Grandma rests her face in her hands, head down, as she reacts to the Christmas prank her grandkids pulled off. Two women stand next to her, laughing.

For those who don’t know, here’s a rundown of White Elephant: Everyone is tasked with buying a gift of a predetermined value. Oftentimes, these gifts are silly. Each one is wrapped in white, making it difficult to recognize which gift is the one you brought.

Each participant draws a number — this determines the order in which participants will choose a gift from the pile. From there, folks are able to either choose from the remaining gift pile or steal from someone else.

Grandkids Pull Off a Sneaky Christmas Prank on Grandma

This means that a large number of gifts in this family’s game was something that was stolen from Grandma. At first, it seemed as though she didn’t notice what was happening. But the more gifts were revealed, the more puzzled she became.

Then, as Grandma began to connect the dots, endless laughter ensued! At that point, much of the attention was drawn to the fact that some of her grandkids were able to pull off impressive feats, with one managing to snag her bathroom rug!

“The FACT they visited enough throughout the year to get the items…. is the reason for the season!” one commenter notes. “Wonderful family.”

Watch these clever grandkids pull off an impressive Christmas prank on Grandma in the video below.

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