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Got Old Love Letters From Your Ex? This Company Will Help You “Transform Their BS Into TP.”

love letters

Who gives a crap about your ex and their false promises? Not us, and you shouldn’t either. So take all the lying love letters they gave you and put them where they belong—on toilet paper!

This week, a toilet paper company, which is actually named Who Gives a Crap, announced its “Flush Your Ex” campaign, which helps scorned lovers move past their traumatizing romances and broken hearts on Valentine’s Day.

In an Instagram post, the company explained how the process works. First, you’ll mail them “whatever cursed paper correspondence is taking up psychic space in your sock drawer – love letters, postcards, receipts from your first date.” Then they’ll deliver it to their manufacturing facility, where workers will print your ex’s words on rolls of TP. They’ll get distributed, and you know what happens next.

Who Gives a Crap only produces “100% recycled, eco-friendly” toilet paper. So, not only are you getting smelly revenge, but you’re doing also your part for the environment!

“Nothing says closure like knowing that someone, somewhere is putting those sweet nothings exactly where they belong,” the post added.

Visit Who Gives a Crap’s Instagram bio for the mailing address, and then enjoy that “sweet, sweet closure.”

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