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Gordon Ramsay’s Baby Is A Scathing Food Critic Just Like His Dad! Watch Hysterical Video

Gordon Ramsay baby

Gordon Ramsay’s baby is proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The 6-month-old named Jesse James is starting to try solids, which is a fun milestone for parents, especially when those parents are world-renowned food critics. So we imagine Gordon has been looking forward to watching Jesse James’ reactions to new tastes.

While we’re sure Gordon has been enjoying the adventure, he seems to be getting the biggest kick out of eerily similar “snob” faces Jesse James makes when he tries something he doesn’t like.

Gordon Ramsay recently shared a video of his baby trying some orange mush. In it, he eagerly samples from a plastic spoon and instantly gives a displeased look. The Hell’s Kitchen star stitched a meme of himself into the video, and it shows him making the same exact face as Jesse James.

“Like father, like son 😉,” Gordon captioned.

Gordon’s fans love the hilarious post, and they see the overwhelming similarities as well.

“Baby’s first word… bland,” someone joked.

“Genetics are wild🤯” another person wrote.

“Must’ve forgotten the lamb sauce,” a fan suggested.

“Looks like mini you minus the swearing,” someone else laughed.

Gordon Ramsay’s Baby Also Has The Trademark Scowl

Jesse James didn’t just inherit his dad’s food expectations and unhappy reactions. He also inherited one of his dad’s most iconic looks. Back in February, when the little guy was only three months old, Gordon shared a photo of Jesse grimacing after having his breakfast. The expression was identical to Gordon’s trademark scowl.

‘He’s totally saying “It’s raw, Jennifer!!! 🤦🏼🤣” wrote a commenter.

“Haha,… he definitely has the Ramsay scowl,” someone else noted. “Like someone just cooked his scallops wrong.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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