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The “Four Seasons Baby” Asked For A Luxury Vacation And Got Her Wish

Four seasons baby

Baby Kate Wise went viral after she asked for a Four Seasons vacation, and the hotel chain granted her wish in all the best ways.

The one-year-old became a star after her aunt, Stefanie O’Brien, shared a clip with her “50” TikTok followers. In it, Kate’s mom, Bailey Wise, asked her husband and two daughters, “Who wants to go to Four Seasons Orlando?” and the little genius pointed her finger in the air and astutely answered, “Me.”

The video, which was originally only meant to be shared with family members, quickly earned nearly 50 million views and caught the eye of executives with Four Seasons, who ensured Kate’s vacation was perfect.

The chain posted a montage of Kate living her best life at the luxury resort in Florida. She was treated like royalty with princess dresses, crowns, spa days, and gourmet meals. She also lounged by the pool and had a little party.

“Fully conscious and utterly fabulous at Four Seasons Orlando,” reads the caption.

At the end of the video, a concierge handed the Four Seasons Orlando Baby a card that read, “Where To Nex?” So the little lady may have a future as a travel ambassador.

The Four Seasons Baby May Have More Vacations In Her Future

The video has become the hotel’s most-watched TikTok post in just four days with 7.4 million views.

“She knew where she wanted to go, and she has arrived,” someone commented.

“What the Boss wants, the Boss gets! ☝️” the hotel replied, referring to Kate’s Boss Baby vibes.

While talking to PEOPLE, Kate’s parents admitted that they’re still wrapping their heads around the sudden fame. But they’re trying their best to ensure their baby can fully appreciate her viral moments when she’s older.

“We’ve certainly been trying to keep up with saving things, saving some of the articles, some of the funny memes or tweets or any of the stuff we can so she can understand that this is not something that just went viral,” Bailey said. “But it seems like it’s a globally known meme.”

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