Like Father, Like Son: Gordon Ramsay’s Baby Inherited His Trademark Scowl!

Gordon Ramsay and his newborn son wearing matching scowls.

Gordon Ramsay is famous for being a great chef. And sometimes a bit of a jerk, at least on camera. Such is the nature of his television persona. Gordon is the well-known host of cooking shows, “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “Kitchen Nightmares.” In the shows, he offers young chefs “tough love” with berating comments and yelling. But who is the real Gordon Ramsay introducing his newest baby to us?


Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana celebrate the birth of baby Jesse.
Image from Instagram.

Turns out the grumpy persona is mostly for the benefit of the television cameras. Gordon is both a premier chef and a proud father. Numbering in his troops are three girls and, with the most recent addition, three boys. His oldest daughter is Megan (25). Next came twins Holly Anna and Jack Scott (24). Matilda (Tilly) is currently 22, and was the end of the child parade for a bit. Gordon Ramsay’s son Oscar James (4) arrived after an 18-year hiatus in childbearing. In November 2023, Gordon and his wife Tana proudly introduced fans to their newborn, Jesse.

Gordon and Tana Ramsay have been married for over 27 years. Their goal was to have six children. With the arrival of baby Jesse, that goal has been achieved. Even though they took a long hiatus from child-rearing, they are ecstatic about their youngest boys.

Gordon Ramsay Meets His Match

The girls favor Tana, but newborn baby Jesse definitely favors Gordon Ramsay, right down to his trademark scowl!

Gordon Ramsay's son Jesse showing off his rendition of dad's famous scowl.
Image from Instagram.

When Gordon Ramsay posted the above image on his Instagram, fans immediately began commenting about the scowl. Jesse was discontent about his breakfast options. User Charles Aryan stated, “I have a feeling he is about to call me an idiot sandwich.” Another user teased that Gordon Ramsay had “met his match.”

We think the fans might be correct. Gordon Ramsay’s new baby, Jesse, has cemented himself in our hearts. We look forward to watching the two youngest Ramsay sons grow. Although Gordon Ramsay keeps his children out of the spotlight, there is no mistaking the “proud dad” moments he shares with us. If you enjoyed seeing a different side of Gordon Ramsay with his new baby, please share this.

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