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Mischievous Dog Steals GoPro & The Footage She Captures Is Hysterical!

Ha-ha, catch me if you can!

As far as dogs are concerned, there’s nothing better than a good ol’ game of keep-away. And what’s the best way to get things started? Steal something their owners want, of course. Like a ping pong paddle. And Bonnie’s owner gets bonus points if he can catch her, because this particular ping pong paddle is equipped with a GoPro!

dog and man

After snatching the blue rubber paddle, Bonnie the pit bull takes off with it firmly grasped in her maw, another dog and her owner in hot pursuit, careening around the corner of the house like it’s an obstacle course she knows by heart. But the part that just kills everybody? She’s running so fast, she’s created her own little wind tunnel, and her ears flap adorably throughout this little escapade! That, and the fact that her eyes are rolling maniacally the entire time, trying to keep track of her poor pursuers out of her peripheral vision…


And here our hero pauses for a second…

Shhhhh. She hears them coming, but how close are they really? She’s been running like the wind this whole time, do they even know where she is? Dang she’s good at this. Timing is everything. She just has to stay here and be quiet, and the moment they find her, just when they think they have her, she’ll take –

Oops. Sorry, gotta go.


Hah! Suckas!

“Just to clarify, this is Bonnie, our almost annoyingly perfect little pitty,” Redditor Carmenlightning wrote of the star in this little clip. “We rescue and foster dogs frequently … She has come a long way and has never looked back. We love our little BonBon.”

And everyone else loves her too!

reddit gopro comments

Ready for a wild ride? Watch this frisky pup lead the charge in the video below, and share to spread more laughs!

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