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Mama Bear & Her 5 Cubs Hijack Family’s Backyard Pool On Hot Summer Day.

It’s not every day a strange family decides to take a dip in your pool, but that’s just what happened to the Basso family.

One hot, summer afternoon, they were inside, presumably thinking about taking a dip to cool off, when they looked out into the backyard at their above-ground pool. They were stunned to see that another family was splashing around… a family of bears, that is.

For the Basso family, this was like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in reverse.

bears playing in pool

Their backyard pool and playground set proved irresistible for a mother bear and her five young cubs. The furry family took full advantage of them on a sweltering afternoon in Rockaway Township, New Jersey.

The Bassos watched on as the bears played on the swingset, tussled with the pool toys, and ran around the yard. And what could they do about it? Absolutely nothing.

They watch while the furry family manhandles their pool’s inflatables. Mom knows this isn’t something she or the kids get to see every day and seems to take everything in stride. But the kids, and eventually Dad, Tim, have a different take entirely.

“Noooooo!”the daughter cries. “Now there’s going to be hair everywhere in the pool.â€

“Yup,”Mom confirms. But who has time to worry about a little thing like hair when there’s a family of bears taking a dip in your pool?!

bears in pool

Dad doesn’t seem to share his wife’s enthusiasm and is focused more on all the collateral damage, “They’re gonna be poking holes with their feet in the floor,”he says. To that, little Sophie starts crying because she thinks her swimming days are over for the rest of the summer. Possibly forever. “I wish the bears were in someone else’s yard, not ours,” she pouts.

bears in pool

And it looks like things are heading that way when Mama Bear and the remaining cubs start clambering over the side. But the family isn’t done yet. There’s still so much exploring to do! The slide needs testing out, and the swings look so inviting! Mom surveys her cubs, making sure they’re not getting into too much trouble!

bear grabs inflatable

There’s so much activity going on at this point that it’s hard to keep track, but here’s a summary: one cub thrashes a floaty around like she’s trying to tear it limb from limb, another pops a beach ball, and Mama Bear decides the garden hose really isn’t worth her time.

By the end, all the inflatables have gone to that big warehouse in the sky.

mom and water pump

It’s all fun and games, though, until the mother grabs the water pump, which is connected to the electrical supply.

“Oh, that’s not good. You’re gonna electricu- … Oh no!!” Mom screeches.

Don’t worry, she’s fine, and the pool party goes on for quite some time afterward. Watch the second video in the three-part-series below, and share to spread amazement!

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