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Golden Retriever Throws Tantrum When Mom Tries To Wash His Blankets.

Golden Retriever having a tantrum because his mom is washing his blankets.

Laundry day is a fact of life. As humans, we know that we must sacrifice our blankets on laundry day in the name of cleanliness. Unfortunately, golden retrievers don’t have that same depth of understanding. When this golden retriever lost his blankets to the laundry thief, he had a serious toddler-style tantrum! It began with the whining.

Golden retriever having a tantrum whines about the travesty of laundry day.
Image from TikTok.

When his mom seemed to be ignoring that, this unhappy pup progressed to pawing and nipping at the dog bed. He desperately tried to tell his mom that the laundry thief had taken the blankets. It wasn’t working.

Golden retriever having a tantrum paws and nips at his dog bed looking for his missing blankets.
Image from TikTok.

When the pawing and nipping didn’t get results, the disgruntled golden retriever upped the tantrum ante and added some barks between the whining. That also had no effect.

Unhappy toddler-dog barks at his mom for having the audacity to wash his blankets.
Image from TikTok.

As the golden retriever’s tantrum heated up, this unhappy pup got a bright idea. You can see it all over his expressive little face!

Wait, he's having an idea. He knows what to do next!
Image from TikTok.

His next move was to wrestle the entire dog bed, moving it around the room to show his dissatisfaction with the entire laundry day fiasco. This still had no effect on the laundry thief. This baby’s smelly blankets will return fresh and ready for more puppy naps and snuggles.

Moving the entire dog bed during a toddler-like meltdown.
Image from TikTok.

We laugh about our animals and their silly antics. If you have a golden retriever, you have undoubtedly witnessed similar tantrums firsthand. Having one of these personality generators in your home is just like having a toddler in the house.

Every golden has unique quirks, little annoying habits, and varying levels of intellectual prowess. There is one thing they ALL have in abundance, though. Every single golden possesses the ability to provide endless hours of unconditional love.

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