Golden Retriever Steals Lottery Ticket, Ends Up Winning Cash Prize For Mom!

golden retriever with tongue out

This is one lucky puppy! A golden retriever in China bit a lottery ticket and ended up giving their mom a few extra bucks in her pocket because of it!

Oh, and they looked awfully cute while they did it.

This golden retriever wandered into a convenience store and, by chance, bit into a lottery ticket. The store couldn’t take the damaged ticket back, so the woman went ahead and purchased the ticket for herself.

When she scratched it, she discovered she had a winner! The ticket totaled about $140 USD, which is no small feat for a dog-selected ticket!

golden retriever shaking
This image is from YouTube.

The dog owner then returned to the convenience store the next day and allowed the golden retriever to pick yet another lottery ticket.

This one wasn’t a complete bust, but only resulted in about four US bucks. While this doggie may not have been on a streak, it’s still a fun stroke of luck to select two winning tickets!

Golden retrievers are some of the sweetest pups around. They’re cuddly and athletic, full of life and joy. And now we know they might have a paw up in the lottery world!

What do you think? Would you let your dog choose your lottery ticket?

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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