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Tearful Jon Stewart Gives Emotional Farewell to Beloved Dog “Dipper”

A two-photo collage. The first shows Jon Stewart covering his mouth as he looks down, holding back tears. The second image shows Stewart's late dog, Dipper, running around in the snow.

Jon Stewart is known for many things, including his biting comedy, but he got serious on The Daily Show last night when he brought up his dog, Dipper. From the start, the late-night host struggles to hold back tears. Around 13 years ago, Stewart’s kids wanted to raise money for a local New York City animal shelter. In order to do so, they set up a table outside of their building to sell cupcakes.

To help encourage folks to stop by their table, the shelter had a 1-year-old brindle pit bull join the Stewart family. The poor puppy had been hit by a car, so he didn’t have his right leg anymore. Needless to say, Stewart fell in love with the dog.

Jon Stewart and his two kids sit on a sidewalk, smiling, as they pet and hold on to their dog, Dipper.
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“And we left that day feeling really good we’d helped this great organization,” Stewart shares. “And we also left with this 1-ish-year-old brindle pit bull. We called him Dipper. And in a world of good boys, he was the best.”

Stewart goes on to talk about the way Dipper would come to The Daily Show every day, making lasting memories for him and his guests. All of this reminiscing led to his sad news: Dipper passed away the day before. You can watch Stewart’s kind words about his beloved dog in the video below (Content Warning: censored language).

Jon Stewart Honors His Late Dog, Dipper, on The Daily Show

As heartbreaking as it is to lose a dog, as any pet owner will tell you, it’s all worth it for the time spent with such a loving, caring creature.

“He was ready. He was tired, but I wasn’t,” Stewart continues. “And the family, we were all together. Thank goodness. We were all with him. But, boy, my wish for you is one day you find that dog, that one dog, that just is the best.”

Jon Stewart's three-legged dog, Dipper, runs excitedly, tail straight in the air, as he runs in the snow.
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Since sharing the news, fans continue to share their own kind words, many of which come from folks who understand all too well how Stewart and his family are feeling.

“Pet loss is no different than the loss of a close family member — because they are family,” one person shares. “… A beautiful thing is that every dog is that good dog. It makes saying goodbye so very very hard, but it’s true. They are all the best, goodest dogs. When you are ready, pour that grief into another. Grief can go somewhere.”

Rest in peace, Dipper! Like every good boy and girl, you will be greatly missed.

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