Golden Retriever Sees Darth Vader For The First Time And Has A Hilarious Response.

Dog has hilarious response when seeing Darth Vader for the first time.

Almost every person in the United States has seen the epic space series Star Wars. It should come as no surprise that dogs enjoy movies, too. We’ve seen dogs watching The Lion King and even caught them catching themselves on the big screen. Star Wars is a prime video to keep your pup occupied for several hours. This pup was settling in for the long haul, enjoying the noise and images splashing across the screen. But then… Darth Vader appeared, and this dog had the most hilarious response ever!

Darth Vader appears on the TV for the first time in Star Wars.
Image from YouTube.

As the music builds, the appearance of Darth Vader is an eerie sight. He towers over the Storm Troopers, and we can hear his labored, raspy breathing as he enters through the hatchway. The dog tenses as Darth Vader approaches, moving quickly from lying calmly to standing on the sofa’s edge.

This golden retriever was apprehensive about what was happening with Darth Vader, moving from lying down to standing up.
Image from YouTube.

When Darth Vader Appears, There’s Only One Thing For A Dog To Do!

The pup only takes a few seconds to realize she wanted a safer vantage point. She jumped over the arm of the sofa and can be seen peaking around the corner. It is Star Wars; even when it’s scary, we can’t take our eyes off the screen! She quickly turned around, positioned herself to continue watching, and stayed safely behind the sofa.

Nope. The pup scared by Darth Vader jumps off the sofa in the left frame. She is seen watching from behind the sofa in the right frame.
Image from YouTube.

We’re not sure if this adorable pup stayed behind the sofa for the rest of the movie or not, but we wouldn’t blame her if she did. When this dog saw Darth Vader, her first instinct was to hide. Many of my friends reacted similarly, but the golden retriever doing it was way cuter. You can click here to see the entire clip. If you enjoyed this short clip, please share it with your friends so we can spread the good cheer!

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