Puppy’s Reaction To Mufasa’s Death In “The Lion King” Has Millions Tearing Up.

What heartbreaking Disney movie scene sticks out most in your mind? For many, it's the devastating moment Simba realizes his father has died in "The Lion King." And it's not just people who feel that way. One adorable puppy simply can't watch Mufasa's death without getting all worked up — and the footage is breaking millions of people's hearts. Josh Myers of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was watching the Disney classic with his girlfriend in February when he noticed his four-month-old dog, Luna, suddenly acting peculiar. She'd previously been engrossed in her toys. But after seeing Mufasa fall to his death, she began whining at the TV. Stunned by her apparent display of empathy, Josh started recording. As Simba tries waking his father up, Luna becomes visibly excited, perhaps even distressed. She stares at the screen and cries, seemingly concerned for the cartoon lion cub as he calls out for help. Josh is convinced Luna understood Simba's pain on some level. He uploaded the touching video to Facebook, writing, "To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen." "She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad," he added. "We don't deserve dogs." The millions who ended up watching it had to agree. Viewers marveled at the dog's emotional reaction and shared how that scene always makes them break down as well. "Omg this is the greatest thing...soooo sweet and so sad! That baby!!! So smart!" one Facebook user wrote. luna lion king tweets Josh adds that Luna went straight back to playing with her toys after the scene was over. He also reassured Luna's fans that "She got tons of hugs and kisses after this scene and is much more emotionally stable now." Isn't she a total sweetheart? Watch as Luna laments Mufasa's death along with Simba in the clip below. Share with all the dog lovers in your life. https://www.facebook.com/josh.myers.9235/videos/10102042278844188/?lst=100017578121158%3A56700473%3A1551206061
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