Champion Border Collie Sees Herself On TV And Has Cutest Freak-Out.

Many athletes enjoy reliving their glory days, and Kirk the border collie is no different!

Channan Fosty, the good girl’s owner and handler from Newark, California, works with the star pup so they can compete in agility competitions all over the U.S. Thanks to their efforts, Kirk is athletic and incredibly well-trained, and she’s got the blue ribbons to prove it!


In 2017, Kirk became the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge champion at the national finals in St. Louis, Missouri. In a stunning display of skill and enthusiasm, she completed the obstacle course in just 33.69 seconds!

Since border collies excel at herding sheep over hill and dale, it makes sense that Kirk is a pro at agility! Of course, Channan deserves plenty of credit for giving her such great training. What a team!


It’s been a few years since Kirk took home her big prize, but every so often Channan puts on a video of the award-winning run so they can relive the moment. Whenever that happens, Kirk becomes more than a little excited!

In a clip that has since gone viral, we see Kirk standing in front of the family television, studying her performance like she’s right there in the moment. Then she starts bouncing up and down, no doubt recalling the feeling she had while she flew across the course.

We’ve seen adorable dogs enjoy TV before, but watching Kirk see herself (and go bonkers) outshines them all!


She’s just so cute and relatable! Who doesn’t love remembering a moment when they left the competition in the dust? Good dog!

Watch Kirk relive her big win in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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