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Victorious Golden Retriever Catches Home Run Ball & Expertly Avoids Capture

Images show a golden retriever being chased around a grassy outfield area after he "retrieved" a home run ball.

The University of Arizona Wildcats Baseball Team is pretty well-known in college athletics. Playing in the PAC-12 Conference, the team is having a championship season this year, which attracts fans. A section of the outfield has open grass seating, and pets are welcome, so fans bring out their dogs. When infielder Mason White hit a home run ball out of the park, a golden retriever snagged the home run ball!

What happened next will live forever, thanks to the work of a cameraman who understood the assignment. As the golden retriever grabbed the home run ball, the cameraman followed his every move. The happy boi darted to and fro, playing keep-away. It was HIS ball, and no one would take it from him! The running retriever was under the pursuit of several kids and even a few adults.

After a home run by Arizona Wildcat Mason White, a golden retriever snatched the ball and played a game of keep-away.
Image from X.

The dog evaded capture and maintained possession of his leathery prize. It’s a sure bet that the ball was a slobbery mess when the owner finally got the pup to stop running. The smart dog used available obstacles, small hills, and even bystanders as he weaved in and out to avoid his pursuers. At one point, he took a short breather behind a picnic table.

After a home run by Arizona Wildcat Mason White, a golden retriever snatched the ball and played a game of keep-away. In this image, the happy pooch takes a breather behind a picnic table while several young boys chase him.
Image from X.

The golden retriever excels at evasive tactics with his home run prize.

The Golden Retriever Snatched Mason White’s Second Home Run That Game

While his show is memorable, we should also mention that this home run was Mason White’s second of the game! He has knocked 17 home runs for the Wildcats. If this young sophomore keeps putting up numbers like this, we’ll see him on MLB scouting reports. He is on the watch list for the 2024 Bobby Bragan National Collegiate Slugger Award. He was a Collegiate Baseball Freshman All-American in 2023 and made the Pac-12 Preseason All-Conference for 2024.

The Arizona Wildcats went on to beat Utah 10 – 4 in this game, adding another notch to their season totals. This wasn’t the first time an impromptu “show” in the outfield captured a cameraman’s eye. These brothers having a brawl were the focus not long ago. As riveting as the game was, we’re pretty sure people will be talking about the golden retriever that snatched the home run ball for much longer!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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