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Elderly Father Just Can’t Say No To His Grandkitty… And It’s Too Precious!

An elderly man looks at a cat who is begging for a bite of his toast.

Grandparents are known for spoiling their grandkids, so it makes sense that this adorable grandpa absolutely dotes on his daughter’s pet kitty. A woman named Barb on social media shared the cutest video of her elderly father’s response to her cat begging for treats. Spoiler: he couldn’t say no to that face! This clip is going viral online.

In the footage, Grandpa was enjoying a piece of toast when the kitty, named Finnigan, just had to have a taste. Without hesitation, Barb’s dad let him take a bite right out of his hands. Then, the elderly man started imitating the hilarious face the cat made while chewing the treat. His daughter thought the interaction was too funny!


Don’t come at me, he didn’t really eat much. Dad can’t say no to Finnigan. I love watching them together 🥺🥺 #catsoftiktok #socute #adorable #catlover #grandparents #petsoftiktok #preciousmoments

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“We were visiting my parents, I look over and see Grandpa sharing his toast with Finnigan,” Barb wrote over the footage.

She clarified in her caption that the elderly man didn’t feed the cat too much of the unhealthy snack. It was just a small bite!

People are falling in love with this adorable duo.

Commenters loved seeing this kitty’s unique bond with his human grandpa. Some shared sweet stories of their own about their family members’ relationships with their four-legged friends.

An elderly man looks at a cat who is begging for a bite of his toast.
Screengrab from TikTok

“My dad pretends he doesn’t like pets but he will save fresh shrimp from our holiday appetizers and serve it on a real plate to my cat,” wrote one user.

Another added, “My grandpa used to share a bowl of ice cream with his cat every night.”

That probably wasn’t the best option for the animal’s health, but we’re sure the man’s heart was in the right place.

When we adopt a pet, they become part of the family. It’s wonderful to see how Barb’s dad has embraced her cat as one of his own!

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