Little Girl’s Sassy Tirade About Leaving Home ‘Forever’ Has Internet Cracking Up.

Sometimes enough is enough… and you’ve just gotta tell the world about it.

In the video below, a precocious little girl named Sage and her mom, were caught in the middle of an altercation that was just too cute not to share. The video features a 5-yr-old little girl proclaiming something we’ve all said at one time in our lives… she was moving out!

So the little one, clearly upset, packed a bag and told them she was leaving home for ‘Jen’s’ house that very moment.


Mom tries to get to the bottom of the little one’s hilarious behavior… when finally the reason for the little one’s strong feelings becomes clear.

Little brother Tanner had everything to do with it.

Check out the tiny tirade in the video below! We think mom handled this swimmingly.

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