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Girl’s Christmas Gift Makes A Quick Getaway When She Isn’t Looking.

A little girl opens her Christmas gift only to find nothing inside.

Almost every kid wants a pet for Christmas, but this kitty didn’t want to be wrapped up as a gift! In a hilarious TikTok video, a little girl opens up her present to find… nothing. That’s because her gift, an adorable kitten, hopped right out of the box while her new owner focused on unwrapping it! The tiny cat scampered off into the living room, leaving the girl very confused.

A few commenters on the video joked that perhaps the Christmas gift kitty had some doubts about her clearly inexperienced new mom. After all, the little girl is quite young!

A little girl opens her Christmas gift only to find nothing inside.
Screengrab from Ilonka Lantz/TikTok

“The cat knows what’s about to go down,” wrote one user. “Dress ups and strollers.”

“That cat said no way, I’m not getting my life squeezed out of me today,” said another.

Of course, a little girl’s missing Christmas gift is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the type of holiday chaos that a kitty can cause. If you want to see true yuletide mayhem, check out what these cats have done to their owners’ trees!

Watch the video below to see a sneaky kitty escape from becoming a Christmas gift.

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