15 Christmas Trees That Never Stood A Chance Against The Family Cat

cat standing on top of Christmas tree, Cat chewing on branch with caption "0 days since last Christmas tree incident."

Cats may be domesticated, but let’s face it, animal instincts are still very much alive and well in the average house cat!


Cats simply aren’t able to understand why, every December, some humans drag an evergreen tree into their house and cover it in lights and ornaments. To them, we’ve just added a fun new obstacle to their indoor jungle gym, and they can’t wait to get in there and climb to the summit. We can fight these battles valiantly, but we all know cats will ultimately win the war against the Christmas tree!

1. Every day offers a new chance for merriment… or mayhem.

2. The struggle to keep the destruction fresh is real.

3. If you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join ’em.

4. If you didn’t want anyone eating candy from the tree, why did you put it there?

5. We’d print 200 copies and send these cards to everyone we know. Perfection.

6. “If I look sweet and innocent enough, maybe they’ll let me stay in here.”

7. “Hey, Mr. Kitty! Eyes over here.” — The cat tree.

8. The calm after the storm.

9. Seems like a smart choice, if you ask us.

10. We found the perfect star for the top of the tree this year!

11. Note to self: invent cat-proof ornaments. Profit.

12. There seems to be something wrong with the new cat tree you bought him. We trust you’ll rectify the situation at once.

13. He can’t even wait until it’s set up in the stand. This tree is a goner!

14. Those pesky attack trees will get you every time.

15. They don’t call cat paws “murder mittens” for nothing.

Don’t blame them! They’re just cats doing what cats do! At least they look cute while smashing your antique ornaments, right?

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