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Girl Wanted To Wear Costume To Bed Like Big Sister And Her Choice Will Crack You Up.

micahs girls

It’s important for parents to nurture their children’s individualities and let them thrive in being their true, authentic selves.

And that means celebrating kids’ unique preferences and choices, no matter how odd (and hilarious) they may be. Meet Micah Clem and his family from Athens, Alabama. He and his wife Chelsea have three adorable daughters, and the oldest two have very different interests.

clem family

Lucy Jo is the big sister and a classic princess fan. The 4-year-old loves dressing up as her favorite Disney princesses so much, in fact, that she recently asked her dad if she could wear an Elsa gown to bed. Of course, Micah couldn’t say no to this sweet face.

lucy jo loves princesses

As for 2-year-old Nora, well, she’s interested in other things… which Micah and Chelsea fully support. But like many little sisters, Nora wants to do whatever her big sister is doing. So she asked if she could wear a costume to bed as well – and no, it wasn’t another princess dress.

norah loves hot dogs

Micah recently uploaded precious footage to Instagram featuring his little girls’ bedtime wardrobe choices. As the video begins, we see a very cute Lucy Jo wearing her Elsa gown. Her dad explains how Lucy Jo wanted to wear this instead of pajamas.

lucy jo's elsa nightgown

“Norah wanted a costume too,” Micah says before panning the camera over to the toddler. Unable to stop himself from laughing, he adds, “So she’s a hot dog.” The little girl puts her hand on her hip, proudly showing off her bold fashion statement.

norah the hot dog

Nora’s grandma had given her the costume for Halloween, and Micah got such a kick out of it he got a matching one for himself. He’s taken to calling his middle child Princess Hot Dog.

micah and nora halloween costumes

Thousands cracked up watching the video of Micah’s girls, cheering Norah on for “not following the pack” while also making sure to point out Lucy Jo’s choice was just as valid.

hot dog tweethot dog tweet

As for the girls, well, they both slept very comfortably. These cuties are a perfect example of why we should all let our kids know it’s okay to like whatever they want!

norah and lucy jo bedtime costumes

Try not to giggle as you meet the princess and the hot dog in the clip below, and share to encourage other parents to let their children’s weirdness shine.

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