Photo Of Disney Princess & Blind Teen Has Thousands Believing In Magic.

A simple photo recently posted to Reddit is blowing up and inspiring thousands across the internet.

“This is my sister at Disney for her Make A Wish,” wrote the woman who posted it. “She lost her eyesight due to a brain tumor on her 14th birthday. This princess was so kind, and she let her feel every part of her crown and dress. She really took her time with my sister and told her what she was feeling and the colors.”


Despite the difficult circumstances, the woman posting says her little sister is nothing but positive. “I asked her once if she was angry [about losing her eyesight]. She said ‘No, I’m thankful I was able to see once.'”

With an attitude like that, there’s no doubt this girl deserved this dream Disney vacation— so Make-A-Wish made it happen on her 19th birthday.

Now this brave girl, and this kind Disney princess, are inspiring thousands.

“Be sure to let your sister know she created tens of thousands of smiles all over not just your state, not just your country, but the entire world tonight, simply by having a wonderful experience for share with the world,” commented one Reddit user. “For a few hours, your sister has had a real legitimate impact on tens of thousands of people, even if it is simply making them smile.”

Another user nailed it with this comment: “Your sister is the real princess.” ​

We couldn’t agree more.

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