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Little Girl Comes Back From Halloween Store With Last Costume Mom Expected.

Kids are full of surprises; some of those surprises are so funny, they’ll leave you laughing so hard you’re gasping for air.

As Halloween approached, Reddit user scootmccute3 shared a video under the category “contagious laughter” and boy-oh-boy, does it ever deliver.

The quick clip picks up as a mother is coming outside to greet her very excited daughter, who just returned from the costume shop. While mom was expecting her to come home with the “kitty ballerina” outfit they’d discussed, instead Mom rounded the corner to see this:


“I’m a panda!” her daughter shrieks gleefully as she staggers towards her. Mom instantly dissolves into giggles as her daughter’s little face peeks out from the middle of an enormous inflatable panda bear costume. Seconds later, the little girl tries to run towards her mother, but the costume is so long she can barely move her feet. The effect is sheer comedy gold!

Dad finally has to lift her clear off the ground and attempt to free her little feetsies from the voluminous costume legs.


Both mother and daughter continue to laugh uncontrollably throughout the process. The child then discovers that not only does her new panda get-up include pockets, but it’s got these weirdly-long finger gloves, too.

“Why doesn’t it have mittens?” mom wonders out loud in between her gales of laughter.


We don’t know how much this costume cost, but we’d say it’s worth every penny for the enjoyment they got out of it! And thanks to the power of the internet, we get to enjoy it, too.

Check out the sweet “I’m a panda!” surprise in the video below, and don’t forget to share to make someone smile today!

My daughter picked out her Halloween costume today. from ContagiousLaughter

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