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Girl “Boycotts” Boyfriend’s Special Vacation Reservation… With Hilariously Ironic Results

A woman sits in a car. She looks annoyed as she looks at her phone. Text on the image reads: POV ur pissed ur boyfriend makes you leave the perfect beach day for a "reservation" so u boycott with no makeup, a beach coverup, a shower beer, and pout the entire car ride there

Vacations never seem to go quite as we plan. With so much to see and do, it can be challenging to make time for everything. Plus, you never know what mishaps will throw off the schedule. During a recent trip, Catie McDonald and her boyfriend, Trevor Gooch, were having a lovely time. One day, Caty was particularly loving their time on the beach. She was enjoying it so much, in fact, that she didn’t want to leave for the reservation Trevor set up for them.

In turn, Catie made the argument that staying at the beach would be much more fun. Still, Trevor insisted that it was worth it to go. When it became clear that Trevor wasn’t going to budge, Catie finally agreed to go with his plans — but she wasn’t going to be happy about it. Instead, she “boycotts” by not wearing makeup, only wearing a beach coverup, and overall just not pretending she’s into what they’re doing next. At least that’s the case until they actually arrive at their destination…


thought i was going to a beach bar for a full moon party … ended up dancing in the moonlight ??

♬ Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader

Catie thought that they were going to a beach bar for a full moon party. In reality, however, Trevor was using this vacation as a way to create the perfect proposal! Okay, so maybe it didn’t turn out perfect, per se, but everything turned out amazing in the end. Just look at the beautiful photos they got of this life-changing moment!

Man’s Clever Vacation Proposal Doesn’t Go According to Plan

Despite the unexpected hiccup, it’s clear that Catie and Trevor couldn’t be happier to be engaged! Besides, this is sure to make for quite a hilarious proposal story — they certainly aren’t the only ones whose vacation proposal turned out like this!

“lol I did something similar for my proposal,” someone in the comments admits. “He was so insistent we get somewhere at a specific time and it was a vacation so I was annoyed. Ate those words.”

“My boyfriend told me we were going swimming at the beach and then took me to the cliffs at San Onofre,” someone else shares. “The video shows me frustratedly arguing there’s no place to swim before he knelt down.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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