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Dog Sees Dad Down On 1 Knee And Thinks It’s A Proposal — For Her!

Left image shows a dog watching a proposal. Right image shows the same dog standing on hind legs during the proposal

In a hilarious episode of “I Love You, Daddy,” an attention-starved goldendoodle interrupts her dad as he tries to propose. The scene was perfect. It was a romantic picnic for two, with the dog tagging along for comic relief. The curious dog sought toys and snacks. Finding what she thought was a ball, the dog tried to grab something. Her dad immediately took it away and fiddled with it, extracting a ring. Shoving the dog aside, the man knelt to propose. And that is when the real hilarity began.

Left image shows two people and a dog sharing a picnic. Right image shows a male on one knee, proposing.
Image from TikTok.

Whoever dubbed the video did a masterful job of catching the true essence of the exuberant goldendoodle. The voice and commentary are hilarious.

Immediately following the proposal, the silly dog acted like she was saying yes, interrupting the moment.

Left image shows a man holding up a ring box with a dog and the woman he is proposing to. Right image shows a dog attempting to intercept the proposal.
Image from TikTok.

The proposal went off without a hitch once they moved the expectant doddle dog out of the way. It didn’t take the dog too long to recover from the heartache and disappointment of the denied dog proposal. She found the remnants of the ball where the ring had been hiding. Then, she was off in search of snacks and other goodies. She occupied herself rummaging around in the picnic supplies while the humans celebrated. The human mom said yes to the real proposal, and Dad made it official by putting the ring on her finger.

Left image shows two people hugging after a proposal. Right image shows the man placing a ring on her finger. There is a dog rummaging around for snacks in both images.
Image from TikTok.

If you own a pet, you understand how important it is to include them in life events. A marriage proposal means a blending of two individuals into one family. When pets are included, they form better bonds with both “parents.” The hilarity of this mistaken dog proposal still has us laughing. Please share this happy moment.

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