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German Shepherd Sings Hilarious “Duet” With Rubber Chicken

Left frame shows a German shepherd howling. Right frame is the same dog using his paw to squeak a rubber chicken (which is why he is howling).

Dogs love squeaky toys, and rubber chickens are the squeakiest of them all. When a German shepherd gets his paws on a rubber chicken, he begins to harmonize. While he might not be as talented as Buddy the Beagle, who plays piano and sings, he has some potential! Listen for yourself.

This hilarious pooch begins his duet by testing the pitch of the rubber chicken. By gently stepping on the chicken with his paw, he gauges the sound the dog toy makes. When his pipes warm up, he matches the pitch of the squeaky toy almost perfectly. What a fantastic duet!

German shepherd dog testing the pitch on a rubber chicken toy with his paw.
Image from Rumble.

As he howled, the German shepherd continued pawing at the rubber chicken, matching his howls with squeaks and squeals from the toy. The resulting duet between the dog and the rubber chicken was highlighted on America’s Funniest Videos.

Harmonizing with a squeaky toy, this German shepherd uses his paw to make the toy squeak while he howls along in almost perfect pitch.
Image from Rumble.

The dog continued his performance, adding in synchronized squeaks from the rubber chicken. We’re not sure why dogs howl when they hear certain sounds. This German shepherd makes it seem like a natural thing to do. He sounds so pitch-perfect it’s difficult to think of this toy as an obnoxiously loud noisemaker. This dog makes the rubber chicken sound almost enjoyable.

Dogs are wonderful additions to our families. We’re sure this family is enjoying their dog and his reaction to his new rubber chicken toy. If you enjoyed this, please share it.

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